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Although this buck is not related to Fat Bastard at all he looks a lot like him, and besides everybody thought the name was cool, so when I purchased him as a replacement for Fat Bastard after he drowned in the river I decided  to reuse the name on him.  He placed 11th out of 112 bucks in weight gain at the 2005 ASU Meat Goat Performance Test with an average daily gain of 0.714 lbs/day.

His pedigree includes ennobled LSBG Rock.  He was born on February 4, 2005, and we purchased him at the end of the performance test from Angelo State University.

We used him on half of our young does in the fall of 2005, and got some outstanding kids out of him. 
His 5 buck kids had an average daily gain of  0.602 lbs/day at the 2006 ASU Meat Goat Performance Test.  The average was only .566 lbs/day.
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