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Market Wether Show Prospects
We do not sell market wether show prospects.

Breeding Stock

We currently have an excellent selection of registered/registerable fullblood/purebred bucks and does from a variety of proven fast gaining bloodlines.  Our animals are bred and selected to thrive on pasture, not feed in a pen.

We start by selecting sires from bloodlines that have performed well at one of the performance tests, and that demonstrate above average ribeye areas (REA), a measurement of muscling.  Once we have narrowed the field based on the test results, we select only those animals that demonstrate outstanding conformation as herd sires.

Our does have been culled over the years based on their performance in our admittedly overstocked pasture.  We have kept the does that produce the most pounds of kids every year in spite of the poor conditions they are subjected to.

As a result of this careful selection process our buck kid crops typically wean off pasture with no supplement at 102 days averaging 63 lbs (we don't weigh their sisters).  After weaning, the bucks go to the Angelo State University Performance Test, and when they come back from the test they are put back on pasture.  These bucks are not going to stand around by your barn waiting for you to feed them instead of breeding your does.

Pricing and availability is as follows: 
Registered Fullblood/Purebred Does: 10 Available, $400.00 each;
Performance Test Champion: 0 Available, $1,500.00;
Top 5 Performance Test Bucks: 1 Available, $1,000.00 each;
Top 25% Performance Test Fullblood/Purebred Herd Sires: 17 Available, $750.00 each;
Top 50% Performance Test Fullblood/Purebred Herd Sires: 29 Available, $500.00 each.

Prices are for the goats only; health papers, tests, shipping, etc. are extra.

Click here for a copy of our guarantee and terms of sale.

Brokerage and Consulting Services
We offer commercial meat goat herd consulting and assembly services.  Double M Boer Goats is a Bonded Livestock Dealer registered with the USDA GIPSA (#2986507). We have a 200 head minimum for this service.

We can assist you in locating commercial does to go with our bucks.  Unlike most of the dealers in the area we do not fill orders with does purchased through the local sale barn.  We deal directly with some of the largest commercial goat operations in the state.  This allows us to supply does for most orders that are from one herd, instead of put-togethers, and the animals usually go directly from their home to your ranch.

By doing this the animals are not exposed to unnecessary stress and pathogens like they would be in the pens at the sale barn. 

We can handle all of the details for you including animal selection, price negotiation, complying with health testing requirements (international import/export requirements can be found here and interstate import/export requirements can be found here ), getting health certificates, arranging shipping, etc.  Basically, all you need to do is clearly communicate your spec when you place the order, wire the money prior to shipment, and be available when the goats are delivered.  We handle all of the other details.  

Last minute changes to your spec will almost always result in significant price increases, so please be as accurate and complete when initially communicating your spec as possible to avoid unnecessary problems and stress for both of us. 

When taking delivery of your goats be sure that you have received all of your goats and they are satisfactory before accepting the shipment.  Once the shipment has been accepted it will be much more difficult if not impossible for us to resolve problems.  If there is a problem you need to contact us before accepting the shipment.  If you are paying for the shipping at the time of delivery, deduct the cost of any missing animals from the freight bill.

We have had buyers sign for a quantity of goats and then call us several days later claiming that the shipment was short.  If we shipped you 1,200 head and you only received 1,100 head, but signed the bill of lading acknowledging receipt of 1,200 head, it will be impossible to get you reimbursement for the missing goats.  Do not sign for the shipment and/or let the driver leave unless the shipment is satisfactory!  If there is a problem make sure you contact us, and have the driver note the discrepancy on the bill of lading or other paperwork.  Do not pay the full freight bill if animals are missing.

If you want to see the goats prior to purchase, we can get photos, scan them, and email or mail them to you.  Because of recent bad experiences with dishonest buyers who have stolen our services, we will no longer allow buyers to come inspect goats prior to purchase unless they are goats we already own and have in our possession, or the buyer pays a nonrefundable 20% deposit.  The deposit will be credited to your account if you proceed with the purchase through us.

You do not pay us separately for our services, the price we quote you includes our compensation.  We purchase the does and then resell them to you after marking up the price.  The amount we mark the price up depends on the amount of work required to complete your transaction, and the amount of the markup will not be disclosed to you.

We also remain available to answer any questions that may arise, and stay in regular contact.  If this service is of interest to you please contact us.

Great Pyrenees
We are sold out of our dogs and do not plan on producing more, but can locate good dogs from other breeders if you are also purchasing goats from us.

If you would like more information or wish to reserve goats or dogs click the Contact Us button above or call us at 325-651-2100.

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