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This page updated 01/14/07

Whether you liked the character Fat Bastard in the Austin Powers movies or not, you will love his offspring in your herd.  I named this incredible buck after the movie character because of the large amount of red hair and offensive odors that emanate from him, just like the movie character.

Like our other sires, he was selected because of his fast growth potential and excellent conformation.  This buck's brother ranked #2 in growth rate at the 2000 Langston University Performance Test.  He stands square on his front and rear legs, is long and thick, and even at 3 years old he still has a perfect bite.  The underside of his tail is well pigmented, and his horns are set wide apart.

Fat Bastard has an impressive pedigree that includes Natural Bridge Boer Goats' Tsjaka and LSBG-SA-G49, a National Reserve Champion.  His genetics are 100% South African.

He was born on February 15, 2000 at Texas Goat Flock in Sonora, TX.  He spent the summer of 2000 at the ASU Performance Test, and we 

purchased him in October, 2000.  He then spent the next 2 years in TN and AZ as a commercial herdsire.  I bought him back in the summer of 2002 after Hakuna Matata died as a replacement for him, and bred him to a group of does that fall.

The overall quality of his kids is impressive.  His kids had the highest average weaning weight I have ever seen on pasture with no supplement.  His buck kids weighed on average over 70 lbs. at 102 days of age, and their average daily gain was 0.611 lbs./day!  We then sent 6 of his sons to the 2003 ASU Performance Test, and during the first 4 weeks of the test they averaged almost 0.8 lbs./day of gain!

Fat Bastard is living proof of why you should not focus solely on the individual animal's performance in the performance tests.   The poorer testing bucks are not always inferior animals.  When Fat Bastard was on test in 2000 he ranked 50th out of 69 bucks with an ADG of 0.506 versus the average of 0.601 that year.  In the case of Fat Bastard I knew that during part of the 2000 test the feeder in his pen was clogged for several weeks and all the animals in that pen wound up testing poorly.

In other cases animals have gotten sick during the test, started rutting, etc. causing the test results of otherwise superb animals to be mediocre or poor.

Before selecting Fat Bastard I did some additional research, and found that his brother went to the Langston, OK test and was the #2 buck there in 2000. I also noticed that Fat Bastard arrived at the ASU test weighing 82 lbs at 118 days old (that's about 0.627 lbs/day of gain prior to the test), and during the portions of the test where his feeder wasn't clogged his weight gains were outstanding.

Based on that knowledge I took a chance on him even though his final test numbers were not that great. So far I am not disappointed, but had I just looked at his performance test results I might have passed on a sire that may be the best to set hoof on our ranch to date. 

On April 10, 2005 Fat Bastard fell into the river, and drowned.