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Ranch Scenery
We hope you enjoy the photos of our ranch and the Concho River found on this page.

Above - The Concho River flows swiftly over a dam on the north boundary of the ranch after a good rain. During the frequent droughts our area experiences the flow slows to a trickle or stops altogether.
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This page updated 05/29/07
Above - A view of the river looking downstream from the dam towards Lake O.H. Ivie approximately 30 miles downstream.

Below - A view of the river looking upstream from the dam towards the City of San Angelo.
Above and below are several pictures of the pasture during the very wet spring of 1997.
Above - Another shot of the pasture including a large Pecan tree (center).

Left - A beautiful West Texas sunset.

Right - The river on a cool fall afternoon framed by trees sporting their autumn colors and a prickly pear cactus.

Below - A shot from the pasture looking out over the river valley.

Bottom - Another beautiful West Texas Sunset.