Australian Shepherd Herding Dogs
At Double M Boer Goats most of our goats are trained to come when we yell "come on girls," and will follow us into the corral. However, there are a few who need some additional motivation. For those we use Australian Shepherds, Max (top picture) and Shadow (bottom picture).

Max was abandoned in our neighborhood, and taken in by a neighbor who didn't want another dog. He asked me whether I wanted him, and I said I would take him if he could work goats. As it turned out I needed to round up the goats that weekend, so I asked him to bring Max out to help. The goats were suspicious of all the extra people, and a large group of them refused to go in the corral. Instead they ran up the hill. We sent Max after them, and we almost got run over when they decided that the corral wasn't such a bad place after all. Next we had a neighbor's Spanish buck that we were sending to the auction. He was a very wild buck, and when we tried to catch him he jumped the fence and got down by the river. That area is very steep and wild, and normally we would never have caught the buck. Max was sent after him, and he too decided that the pen wasn't such a bad place after all (although it would have been nice if he would have gone back in through the gate instead of trying to run through the fence). Max had a home.  He helped us for 10 years until he died in August 2008
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This page updated 11/11/08
We first met Shadow in September 1997 when he was a 6-week old puppy. The breeder had left him and some of his siblings at Palmer Feed and Supply here in San Angelo, TX in the hopes that some of the customers would be interested in buying them. The puppies were irresistibly cute, and I did need a herding dog after all, so Shadow came home with us. He is great with our son M.J., who was born 6 months after we got Shadow, but isn't very interested in herding goats. I plan on letting him work with Max to see how much fun herding goats can be.